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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Are you tired of those high-cost Vehicle Extended Warranties from dealers and manufacturers? Then check with your credit union regarding an Old Republic Ultimate Plus Protection Plan. Generally, the plans available through Old Republic provide similar coverage to the dealer's/manufacturer's plan, but can be obtained for significantly less — in some instances hundreds of dollars on an extended warranty. These warranty plans are issued by Old Republic, and may be included in the vehicle financing provided by the Credit Union.


  1. The vehicle must be on the Vehicle Classification Chart. For models not shown, please call 1-800-331-4065 for consolidation. View Chart
  2. The age of the vehicle is limited to:

    •  The current model year and 9 prior model years for the 6/6, 12/12, and 24/24 terms.
    •  The current model year and 5 prior model years for the 36/36, 48/48, and 60/60 terms.

    The model year change on January 1.
  3. A pre-owned vehicle plan must be purchased at the time of the vehicle purchase.
  4. Refinanced vehicle are ineligible for any pre-owned vehicle plan.
  5. The vehicle cannot exceed the mileage limitations listed below:

    Vehicle Odometer Miles on Purchase Date
    Terms the Vehicle is Eligible for
    0 - 40,000
    Powertrain, Deluxe
    6 Mo/6, 1 Yr/12, 2 Yr/24, 3 Yr/36, 4 Yr/48, 5 Yr/60
    40,001 - 60,000
    Powertrain, Deluxe
    6 Mo/6, 1 Yr/12, 2 Yr/24, 3 Yr/36
    60,001 - 80,000
    Powertrain, Deluxe
    6 Mo/6, 1 Yr/12, 2 Yr/24
    80,001 - 100,00
    6 Mo/6, 1 Yr/12
    100,001 - 120,000
    6 Mo/6, 1 Yr/12

  6. The time and mileage limits of the used vehicle plans begin on the day of the vehicle purchase and at the miles showing on the vehicle's odometer on that date.
  7. Pre-owned vehicle coverage will not apply to any component that is not operating properly at the time of the agreement/vehicle purchase. Coverage is not available for any malfunction that could reasonably be found during a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle's mechanical condition by a qualified technician. The determination of a "reasonably found pre-existing malfunction" is at the sole discretion of the Old Republic Claims Department.


  • All vehicles not listed in the Vehicle Classification Chart. View Chart
  • All pick-ups, vans and utility vehicles in excess of one (1) ton and vehicles with more than two wheels per axle.
  • Any vehicle if used fro competitive driving, racing, off-road use, hire to the public, livery, delivery, rental or commercial purposes, pool cars, snow plowing or as any kind of emergency vehicle.
  • ANy vehicle if used for towing a trailer or another vehicle or object unless properly equipped beforehand for this purpose as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Including but not limited to All SPecial Limited Production Models, Rare Exotic Models, and Gray Market vehicles.
  • Any vehicle modified with high performance or non-factory conversions that alter the vehicle for special use. The vehicle must have standard factory equipment and/or dealer installed factory options to be eligible.
  • Flood damaged vehicles.
  • Salvaged vehicles.

To learn more about MBI plans and credit union net rates contact us.

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